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Facebook Marketing: Using Creator Studio Feb 21, 2020 »

Facebook launched Creator Studio last year and it has become a great tool for businesses to help post, manage, and analyze their content. This powerful addition to Facebook is something every business should be utilizing. Not sure how to use Creator Studio? Then check out our step-by-step guide on using this new tool to elevate your social media presence.

To access Creator Studio, go to your Facebook page and click on ‘Publishing Tools’ at the top.

Then, click on ‘Creator…

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Creating Shoppable Posts Feb 14, 2020 »

Social media is extremely prominent in the business world, and its presence will only continue to grow. Companies have been continually utilizing social media platforms to market themselves, and with social media marketing still on the rise, businesses are turning to shoppable posts to make buying their products even easier.

Platforms of Use

It’s important to note that there are certain platforms that work well with social media marketing. Keep in mind both the popularity and accessibility,…

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Employee Engagement Feb 07, 2020 »

Every marketer's goal is to get more exposure because more exposure means more potential customers and therefore more sales. If you're already providing creative advertising and quality customer service, then what more can you do? We have the answer—employee engagement. 46% of consumers will abandon a brand if its employees are not knowledgeable or have a bad attitude towards the brand.

It makes sense that consumers value the opinions of employees. Employees have consistent interaction with…

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Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas Jan 31, 2020 »

We are only a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day, which is the perfect opportunity for some fun marketing strategies. Show your customers some love with discounts, creative emails, entertaining events, and more. Check out our ideas and get some inspiration!

Creative Email Campaign

Email marketing is still the top marketing strategy because it works! Use a fun email campaign to get your customers’ attention this Valentine’s Day. Include the products and services your business…

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The Customer Experience Jan 24, 2020 »

2020 is here and with the new year comes new marketing strategies. This year is shaping up to be the year of the customer, with a larger focus on enhancing the customer experience. By putting more attention on the customer, you’re able to highlight a positive environment and high-quality service for your consumers. Check out why the customer experience is so important and how you can do it.

Why Does The Customer Experience Matter?

A massive amount of content is put on the Internet every day,…

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