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Adding Humor To Your Marketing Strategy

Adding Humor To Your Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is constantly evolving. There are new strategies popping up all the time, but our favorite one is humor. Adding humor to your content has proven to be very successful and can easily get the attention of your audience. The way you talk about your business and the products/services you provide is very important, but many businesses have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by giving their consumers a little comic relief. Check out some great examples and why this strategy is so valuable.


The Israel-based company, SodaStream, provides carbonated water systems. While that might not sound too exciting at first glance, they’ve cleverly added humor to a series of videos that promote their products.

The first video in the series came out in January 2018, and showed their chief executive, Daniel Birnbaum, talking about lawsuits they’d received from Coca-Cola with the Game of Thrones actor who played Gregor Clegane, better known as The Mountain.

SodaStream also previously released a set of commercials called “No Planet, No Christmas” where the Game of Thrones actor dressed up as Santa Claus and kept people from buying bottled water.


This kind of content is hilarious and engaging, and it’s exactly what consumers love to see from brands. While not every business has the budget to hire a Game of Thrones star, you can still get creative and develop humorous content that your audience will enjoy.

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