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Change Up Your Vendor Listing, With Video

Change Up Your Vendor Listing With Video

Video has become an important medium in the modern world for telling stories and revealing important information to interested consumers. It's better than simply words or pictures because it combines both the visual and narrative aspect of both into a cohesive story. Video is the future of telling stories; is your business prepared to adopt it?

FGmarket makes it easy to embed your videos onto your profile page for your customers to view. In a few simple steps, you can start reaching your customers in an entirely new way!

Login To Your Vendor Account

The first step is to login to your vendor account through FGmarket.com. Click on Vendor Login and then enter your username and password given to you by your FGmarket sales representative.

Find The Add/Edit Videos Tool

Once you are logged in, you'll see your Vendor Options. Click on Add/Edit Videos under the Listing Tools section.

Click On Add Video

After navigating to the Add/Edit Videos tool, you'll see a list of all the current videos that you've uploaded to your profile. If you haven't added any videos, the list will be empty. Click on Add Video to get started with adding your video.

Fill Out Video Info

Next, you'll fill out the text boxes for each of the following: Title, Description, and your Video Embed Code. Your Title will be the name displayed above your video. The Description of your video will be displayed below your video, and will give your customers, as well as search engines, information about your video. Finally, under Video Embed Code, you will paste your video's embed code from YouTube or another video hosting file.

To get your video's embed code, you will need to grab the video's code from a video hosting website (in our example, we're getting the code from YouTube). Copy, and then past the embed code into the Video Embed Code box.

After you've doubled checked your info and made sure everything is correct, click on Add Video.

Once you've added your video, it will show up on your vendor listing page, under the Videos tab.

That's it! Pretty simple, right? Be sure to check back with the FGM Vendors Only Blog each month for more helpful tips like this one!

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