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How to Connect with Consumers on IGTV

How to Connect with Consumers on IGTV

Instagram has been soaring in popularity since its beginning. Now, over one billion people are actively using this social platform, and that number will only continue to grow. The platform began as a way for people to share images with the world, but recently that has expanded. Now Instagram is offering a new video service called IGTV. This service is a whole new experience for consumers and businesses, specifically for marketers. Take a look at our suggestions for marketing with IGTV.

What's IGTV?

IGTV was created as a vertical video service that people can use to upload videos up to one hour in length. These videos are organized into channels, much like cable television. While this may be a new service, there is already a large percentage of users and marketers taking advantage of this opportunity. Now marketers have a new way to connect and engage with their consumers.

Connect with your Audience

While other social platforms also offer video, Instagram has captured a larger audience. You want to be marketing where your audience is, and IGTV is where they are. With Instagram’s large and constantly growing user base, your chances of attracting new potential customers are high. This video service may be new, but Instagram’s number of active users is not. Video content is the future of marketing, as we’ve talked about in a previous blog, so take this great opportunity to engage with your consumers.

Record Videos Synonymous with your Brand

When you start recording videos for IGTV, make sure they fit your brand identity. Think about how you want to appear to consumers; more casual or more formal. Also, consider how you currently interact and talk with consumers and let that naturally transfer over into video content. If you don’t have access to professional equipment, don’t worry. Video creation is easy on IGTV and works with almost any smartphone.

Engage your Consumers

IGTV lets you record videos up to one hour as mentioned before, but shorter videos have proven quite popular. Videos lasting 10-20 minutes allow consumers to communicate more directly with you. You can also give surveys to your viewers and can easily and quickly respond to questions they may have about the products or services you offer. You don’t want to lose the interest of your audience, so think about what an appropriate length will be for your videos.

IGTV is making huge waves as a video service on social media. These tips can help guide you through the process and get you started moving in the right direction. Not sure you can do it all on your own? Contact an FGmarket representative for information on our social media services.

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