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How To Take Quality Product Photos

How To Take Quality Product Photos

Images can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Most consumers pay more attention to what they see than what they read. Including quality images of your products is crucial! With low-quality images, you could be missing out on potential sales. The better your products look, the more likely you are to make sales. It might not sound easy to do, but we have a few tips to make the process a whole lot simpler.

The way customers perceive your brand is often dependent on the quality of your visuals. Images that have bad lighting, appear cluttered, or are out of focus can deter possible customers from buying your merchandise. When browsing products online, consumers can't pick up the items, therefore it's your responsibility to include good product photos that encourage purchases.

Hiring a professional photographer is expensive. That's why we recommend DIY product photography! This is a great alternative and a much cheaper option. When doing your own photography, your photos should be eye-catching, clear, and help consumers visualize what it would be like to own that item. Doing this requires some kind of technology that can take a photo. If you have access to a digital camera, use it! If not, you can use a smartphone. Smartphones have come a long way and now have the capabilities to take high-quality photos. Here are a few examples of good product photos for reference:

It's also important that you include your company branding as well. If your products have specific packaging with your logo and the name of your product, make sure it's visible! The pictures above are great examples of this. The products are the main focus of the photos, have great lighting, and have the company packaging/branding visible. You want to raise awareness of your brand so consumers will start to recognize your company. Just like how Apple is easily recognizable from the picture above with their logo on the back of the phone. That recognition is the goal; even for a small business this is achievable! Now that you know what makes up a good product photo, you also need to know what a bad one looks like to know what to avoid. Here is an example of a bad product photo:

In the picture above, the lighting is way too dark and it's difficult to see the item. The background is not ideal either as the box in the back is distracting and unsightly. Also, the company branding and product name are not visible. This is the kind of photo to avoid when taking product photography. Your company will look much more appealing to consumers if your merchandise is presented well, and with these tips you can easily get those quality photos to make your company stand out. Get started on your DIY product photos now and let us know how they turned out!

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