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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is known as a professional social platform. Its main uses are for career development, networking, industry discussions, and other business-related purposes. This platform is very different from others such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. With LinkedIn, businesses have access to consumers and can market to them through posts, status updates, videos, and more. Before you begin, take a look at our tips on reaching your audience with LinkedIn.

Expand Your Email Marketing List

LinkedIn lets you message up to 50 people at a time, which is a great opportunity for your business to reach out to consumers. Send a message to people you’ve connected with and invite them to join your email marketing list. Make sure in your message that you include a direct link for them to sign up. You also should mention why it’s beneficial for them—AKA what you can offer them with your emails, such as marketing tips, company updates, etc.

Post Compelling Content

There is a lot of content circulating on the Internet nowadays, which means it’s important that what your company is posting is compelling enough to get consumers’ attention. With LinkedIn, many users are looking to follow thought leaders, meaning companies that post content they deem valuable. Post statuses that evoke your followers to think and reflect, or tips on how they can improve and do their job better.

Utilize Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn’s Sponsored Updates allow businesses to pay for a post to get more exposure. While many social platforms have this feature, this one is a little different. You have the same demographic options as the others do, but the main difference is your ability to customize based on business names, job titles, job functions, skills, schools, and groups. This feature is perfect for helping you get in front of the right people. Consumers are no longer interested in traditional advertising and want to see something with a little more substance. By using Sponsored Updates, your company can target your audience, increase exposure, and generate leads.

Don’t miss out on connecting with members of your target audience. Get started marketing on LinkedIn today with our tips!

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