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Optimizing for Visual Search

Optimizing for Visual Search

Visual search is a recently developed feature popping up quickly online. Many companies have jumped on board and are now optimizing their websites for visual searches. This new capability has elevated the customer experience to a whole new level. Now, consumers can upload images and conduct these searches for more specific results.

Pinterest has shown they are on board with this new development by unveiling a new program called Lens. This visual search tool gives users the ability to capture photos of specific items and upload them. The program will then show where the user can buy those items online, offer related products, and display pinboards of similar items.

Pinterest isn’t the only company that's taken up visual search capabilities. Google’s answer to the visual search trend is Google Lens. This visual search tool can recognize objects, landmarks, and much more. Not to be left out, CamFind is another great service, constructed as a mobile app that conducts visual searches based on uploaded pictures.

With visual searches rising in popularity, marketers have a great opportunity to get a jump start on their competition by implementing this fresh feature.

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