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Personalizing Your Content

Personalizing Your Content

From Facebook to Twitter, personalized ads are everywhere, and businesses are using them to their advantage to keep their consumers engaged and loyal. Hyper-personalization has become such an important part of marketing that consumers expect all content to be catered to them. But how can you use personalized content for your brand?


Before you begin to personalize content, you should start looking at your consumers' engagement and activity with your brand. You should specifically watch their email engagement and transaction rates, purchasing behaviors, and website behavior. When monitoring your consumers’ email engagement, pay attention to the open rates, click through rates and the email transaction rates. How your audience interacts with your website is also important. What are the typical steps they go through during the buying process? This will help you decide what your customers value and what you can improve.


Though there are many great resources out there for creating content based on consumers’ demographics, this often leads to businesses treating their audience as numbers instead of people, which is the opposite of what they want. Consumers expect to be treated as individuals, not as an audience or a crowd. In order to meet this expectation, think of your entire audience as an individual person. Consumers also expect businesses to have a more human-centered approach. When addressing your audience, you should focus less on why they should buy your product or service, and focus more on how it can meet their needs. This will also help develop relationships between your business and your audience.


Even if you have a successful marketing strategy, there is always room for improvement. Maybe your messages are coming off a bit strong, and you need to work on having a more human touch. Or maybe you’re basing your personalization too much on demographics and not enough on your consumers’ needs. Personalization is a process, and the only way to make progress is by having an evolving goal.

Customers are demanding personalized content throughout the marketing industry now more than ever. Finding the perfect formula for personalized content for your business can be a long, frustrating process, but keep in mind that personalization is about earning your customers’ trust and building a relationship with your consumers.

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