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Snapchatting For Success

Snapchatting For Success

Snapchat has become a common tool for marketers to connect with their consumers. Set your business up for success by using this social platform for promotional purposes. Check out the ways you can connect with your target audience:

Snapchat Ads

Did you know that you can advertise on Snapchat? Every advertisement will show up on the discover section of the application. These ads can show up in between Snapchat Stories and on the layout of the Discover page. Each one can feature various kinds of content and displays the word ‘sponsored’ at the bottom of the ad—but it’s very easy to miss. In fact, many people don’t even realize they're watching an ad. The Discover page suggests relevant content for the user by seamlessly blending in with the other content your target audience will want to see.

Audience Interactions

Gain more meaningful audience interactions by setting your business up with an account on Snapchat. This social platform offers a new way to connect with your consumers, such as using the interactive content available on the app. One example is the AR Lens capability, which is an interactive movement filter you can put over your face to take pictures and videos. If you’re the creative type, you can also create your own filters on Lens Studio. Connect with your customers by using this interactive ability to communicate with them about products/services, upcoming events, and more.

Start using Snapchat for your business to advertise to your target audience and build personable relationships with your customers. Find out more information about advertising and communicating with your audience members on Snapchat.

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