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Posts With The Tag "Marketing Tips"

Guerrilla Marketing Oct 11, 2019 »

What exactly is guerrilla marketing? Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional form of promotion that helps raise brand awareness. It’s used primarily as a budget-friendly marketing strategy that utilizes creative content to get peoples’ attention. Because its nature is so unconventional, we have some great examples for you.


Source: Marketing Ideas 101

Frontline is a great example to use. They sell flea and tick prevention products for dogs and used this unique advertisement…

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Halloween Marketing Tips Oct 04, 2019 »

It’s finally October, which means Halloween will be here in no time. With the holiday soon approaching, many businesses will be incorporating some spooktacular Halloween marketing. Everything from decorating your store, offering limited-time Halloween products, and attending community fall festivals.

Spooky Decorations

It’s time to pull out all your eerie-sistable Halloween props and decorations. Your consumers will love to see your store dressed up with some spooky items. For…

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Marketing On A Budget Sep 27, 2019 »

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘You’ve got to spend money to make money.’ While this might be true for some, it’s definitely not the only way to make money—especially if you own a small business. Marketing on a budget can be done, and done successfully! Take a look at our guide on how to get the biggest marketing bang for your buck.

Ask for Referrals

There’s no harm in asking your consumers for a referral. Just remember to be confident in your abilities…

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Developing Purpose-Driven Content Sep 20, 2019 »

As a marketer, it’s important to acknowledge the value behind a content strategy that displays your business’s purpose aside from collecting sales, such as a worthy cause, giving back to your community, or taking a stand. Success can be found in writing content with a purpose, but it takes more than content creation. Your business needs to show authenticity. Consumers want to see you getting involved—not just read about it. Build a long-term, purpose-driven strategy with a few…

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Millennial Marketing Sep 13, 2019 »

Millennials are considered anyone born between 1981 and 1996, making this generation of consumers ages 23 to 38 in 2019. This group of consumers is known to be one of the most diverse generations we've had to date, which has left many marketers unsure of how to successfully engage such a varied group.

With such a broad demographic, it can be difficult to nail down the right marketing strategy. The best way to develop the right plan is to learn more about millennials and what marketing…

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Networking For Small Businesses Sep 06, 2019 »

Any business owner knows the importance of networking, but finding time in your already too-busy schedule can be difficult. We know that time is money, but devoting a portion of your week to networking can be well worth it. This is a great opportunity for you to find new business leads, potential partners for upcoming projects or events, and brand new customers. Here are a few ideas on the best ways to network for your small business.

Get Social With Social Media

With social media readily…

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Snapchatting For Success Aug 30, 2019 »

Snapchat has become a common tool for marketers to connect with their consumers. Set your business up for success by using this social platform for promotional purposes. Check out the ways you can connect with your target audience:

Snapchat Ads

Did you know that you can advertise on Snapchat? Every advertisement will show up on the discover section of the application. These ads can show up in between Snapchat Stories and on the layout of the Discover page. Each one can feature various kinds of…

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Tips For YouTube Marketing Aug 23, 2019 »

YouTube has become one of the largest platforms on the Internet, which is why we believe it could be a great marketing tool. In fact, it is the second most popular website around the world. With a rise in popularity for video content, using video marketing is a strategy you can't miss out on. Showcasing your products and services with a professional video is a great way to promote your business, which is why YouTube is the perfect platform to help you expand your reach.

Here is our…

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Evolution of Word-of-Mouth Advertising Aug 16, 2019 »

Word-of-mouth advertising has long been a great form of marketing for businesses. It has proven to be quite successful, with 90% of consumers stating that they trust recommendations from people they know. But the world of word-of-mouth has seen some changes since the Internet has come around. Check out how this advertising technique has evolved in the last several years:

Consumers Voices Are Louder Than Ever

Today, consumer discussions about your business are no longer limited to face-to-face…

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Gen Z Marketing Aug 09, 2019 »

Generation Z has been left out of many businesses' target audience because many consider this group of consumers too young to market to. We believe this is quite the mistake since the oldest members of this generation were born in 1997. Many of these consumers are already in the workforce or close to it. Excluding Generation Z from your marketing efforts could be a grave mistake, so we have a few suggestions for how your business can reach these new potential customers.

Give Them A Purpose


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Why Email Marketing? Aug 02, 2019 »

There is a reason email marketing is still being used today—because it works. While this form of marketing started many years ago, it's still just as relevant and successful as ever. Emailing consumers can turn potential customers into paying customers and one-time buyers into consistent supporters. Many people remain unconvinced that this is still an effective marketing strategy, but we have proof for the skeptics out there.

While there are many reasons you should be implementing…

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Onboarding Customers Jul 26, 2019 »

Your customers' first encounter with your business is crucial. It's important that you make that experience count. While you may believe you've won the customer as soon as they've visited your website, that's just not the case. In fact, 40-60% of digital users will open an app once and never log on again. In order to win these consumers over, you need to have a plan. Here are a few successful onboarding tips to help you get some inspiration:

What Are Your Expectations?

It's easier to achieve…

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Sponsorship Marketing Jul 19, 2019 »

Sponsoring is an affordable and easy way for your small business to get more exposure. Not only is it a great advertising opportunity, but your business is also making a positive impact on its community. The best thing about sponsorship marketing is that it does not have to be a big-budget project to make a significant impact. Whether you have the big bucks to spend or just your time, sponsoring can propel your business ahead of the competition.

Why Sponsorships?

What does "sponsor" mean…

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Optimizing for Visual Search Jul 12, 2019 »

Visual search is a recently developed feature popping up quickly online. Many companies have jumped on board and are now optimizing their websites for visual searches. This new capability has elevated the customer experience to a whole new level. Now, consumers can upload images and conduct these searches for more specific results.

Pinterest has shown they are on board with this new development by unveiling a new program called Lens. This visual search tool gives users the ability to capture…

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Social Media Messaging Jul 05, 2019 »

Social media messaging has blown up in recent years. This popular online tool has appealed to many consumers, and now marketers have found ways to use these messaging apps for business purposes. With consumer use of this technology steadily increasing every year, get your business on board and use this tool to your advantage.

Mainstream Messaging

The most popular messaging apps are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. These applications are wildly popular, with many people communicating on…

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Personalizing Your Content Jun 28, 2019 »

From Facebook to Twitter, personalized ads are everywhere, and businesses are using them to their advantage to keep their consumers engaged and loyal. Hyper-personalization has become such an important part of marketing that consumers expect all content to be catered to them. But how can you use personalized content for your brand?


Before you begin to personalize content, you should start looking at your consumers' engagement and activity with your brand. You should specifically watch…

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Using Canva For Social Media Jun 21, 2019 »

Social media is an important part of marketing that needs constant attention. Creating eye-catching visuals is the best way to connect with your online audience. We know a great tool to help you with that process. Canva is an easy-to-use, web-based design program that is perfect for creating graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Use Canva to help you grow your social media presence with these tips:

Facebook Cover Photos

When consumers click on your Facebook page, the first thing…

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Small Business Marketing Jun 14, 2019 »

Nowadays, big corporations are utilizing national TV commercials and famous influencers, but these marketing strategies aren't always as effective for smaller companies. Small businesses have a smaller consumer base. Their target demographic is a local audience—national campaigns are not affordable or feasible. To be visible to your local consumers without breaking the bank, use these tips to reach new potential customers!

Brand Your Business

You need to effectively communicate what…

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Using Retention Marketing Strategies Jun 07, 2019 »

Keeping your customers satisfied can be a tricky business but it can be done with successful retention marketing. You can increase a customer's lifetime value this way, and in turn, increase your company's profit margin. But why is this so important? It costs seven times more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. In fact, a 5% increase in customer retention can bring up to 125% in profits. By utilizing retention marketing strategies, you are saving money and building…

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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy May 31, 2019 »

Most businesses have a marketing strategy, but many are lacking a crucial part. 63% of businesses do not have a content strategy. Establishing a plan of action for your content is a necessary step that will help you achieve your overall business goals. With that being said, it's important to know what's included in a content strategy:

  • Set goals for your content; particularly ones that will aid in gaining more exposure, leads, and conversion rates
  • Define performance indicators for analyzing your…
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The Value of Audience Interactions May 24, 2019 »

Being able to understand and connect with your audience is very crucial. In fact, 91% of B2B marketers establish and build a community using content and social media marketing. Your goal is to begin new customer relationships, maintain your existing ones, and listen/respond to consumers. In doing this, you are establishing trust and understanding while expanding your social reach. You may not think people will be listening, but by putting yourself out there and joining the conversation, your…

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Collaborating with Influencers May 17, 2019 »

Social media is now playing a large role in many businesses' marketing strategies, which is presenting lots of new ideas on how to raise brand awareness. One of the most popular approaches is using influencers. Influencers are people who possess the power to affect the purchase decisions of consumers because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience. Influencer marketing is very successful because people crave reviews; they want proof that you have a quality…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Content Marketing May 10, 2019 »

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the expansion of computer operations able to complete tasks that normally require human knowledge, such as speech comprehension, decision-making, and translating. AI is becoming more and more prominent in the marketing industry and has come a long way since the beginning of its time in the 1950s. But how is it affecting content marketing? How can you use it to your advantage?

Making Things Personal

AI is able to create highly personalized marketing messages,…

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How to Optimize Your FGmarket Photo Gallery May 03, 2019 »

Including photos of your products and services are crucial when it comes to attracting new customers. Images serve a purpose in gaining more exposure and traffic. Businesses that incorporate product photos are more likely to get almost double the number of views than ones without. Photos also help bring your products and services to life. Adding visuals seamlessly captures consumers' attention and easily displays your merchandise.

Not sure how to upload photos on your FGM storefront?…

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The Importance of SEO Apr 26, 2019 »

What is SEO? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the method used to boost the ranking or frequency of a website in results returned by a search engine, in an effort to maximize user traffic to the site. This is very important and has many benefits for businesses. Easily improve your visibility on the internet with the correct optimization. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons your company can profit from SEO.

Organic Searches are #1

Organic searches have become the main source of…

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A Guide for Using Facebook Live Apr 19, 2019 »

There are several advantages to using Facebook live and if you're unaware of them, then you're at the right place. Facebook live is a live video streaming service that allows you to showcase live footage to your followers. Since it's official debut, this service has grown in popularity, with 78% of online audiences now watching video on Facebook live.

Advantages of Facebook Live

You might be wondering, "How would this service benefit my business?." Well for starters, video content sees 3x the…

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How to Connect with Consumers on IGTV Apr 12, 2019 »

Instagram has been soaring in popularity since its beginning. Now, over one billion people are actively using this social platform, and that number will only continue to grow. The platform began as a way for people to share images with the world, but recently that has expanded. Now Instagram is offering a new video service called IGTV. This service is a whole new experience for consumers and businesses, specifically for marketers. Take a look at our suggestions for marketing with IGTV.


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A Guide to Using Instagram for Your Business Apr 05, 2019 »

Did you know that there are 25 million businesses around the world using Instagram for business? Did you also know that 200 million users go to at least one business profile a day? In fact, Instagram's audience is more engaged than those of Facebook and Twitter. If you're not sure how to get started effectively using an Instagram business page, that's okay! We have a guide for you with steps to get you started.

Step 1: Sign up for an Instagram business account

If you have an Instagram…

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The Difference Between Organic and Paid Social Media Mar 29, 2019 »

Social media is constantly changing, which means what's most effective today won't be effective down the road. It can be hard to keep up, but if you can these platforms can be very useful in gaining exposure for your business. The hardest concept to understand is the difference between organic and paid social media. Understanding what makes these different is important and can aid you in your marketing efforts. That's why we've broken it down for you:

What do they mean?

What exactly does…

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Everything You Need To Know About Animoto Mar 22, 2019 »

Last week we talked about why using video content in your marketing strategy is so important. This week we have a great tool for you to use that will help you easily create videos for your business. The program is called Animoto and it's perfect for beginners and experts alike. Check out why Animoto is such a great marketing tool!

Why Animoto?

Animoto has several advantages for consumer use, including increased sales, more traffic, and eye-catching content. Many consumers have stated that video…

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The Value Of Video Content Marketing Mar 15, 2019 »

Including video content has become a popular marketing strategy and for good reason. Traffic from videos are showing an increase every year and has proved to be very effective. Not sure if video marketing is a good way to promote your business? We have some benefits below that this content brings when used in your marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate - The main reason to use video content is because this content converts. According to research, 71% of marketers have reported that…

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Top Internet Trends For 2019 Mar 08, 2019 »

Consumers are now more than ever using online services. This gives digital marketing the power to be quite effective when executed well. Launching online advertising campaigns and keeping up to date on current Internet trends can propel your business ahead of the competition. Not sure how to do it? Here are the top Internet trends to be prepared for:

Chatbots - What are Chatbots? Chatbots are computer programming created to connect with Internet users through chat windows or occasional verbal…

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Utilizing Facebook To Your Advantage Mar 01, 2019 »

Facebook has become a great tool for marketing. When used correctly, a Facebook business page can help you connect with existing and new customers. This form of marketing is much cheaper than traditional advertising and has many benefits, such as:

Brand Awareness - Facebook is one of the largest social channels in the world, which gives business pages plenty of exposure. With such a large presence, you can easily raise awareness for your company and what you have to offer consumers. The more…

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How To Take Quality Product Photos Feb 22, 2019 »

Images can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Most consumers pay more attention to what they see than what they read. Including quality images of your products is crucial! With low-quality images, you could be missing out on potential sales. The better your products look, the more likely you are to make sales. It might not sound easy to do, but we have a few tips to make the process a whole lot simpler.

The way customers perceive your brand is often dependent on the quality of…

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Marketing Your Business At Conventions Feb 15, 2019 »

If you haven't been to a convention yet, you should really consider it. Going to a convention can be a great catalyst for gaining new customers and investors. Check out these steps on how you can get the most out of attending.

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5 Small Businesses That Turned Into Huge Corporations Feb 08, 2019 »

Some of the largest and most successful companies today started from almost nothing. Although many small business owners might not dream of becoming a corporate powerhouse, there is proof that it can be done. With a great idea and hard work, anything is possible! Here are some examples for inspiration:

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Having A Plan For Social Media Feb 01, 2019 »

Social media has become a great tool for businesses. Using social platforms the right way can get you more exposure and connect you with potential customers. If you're not using these networks, you can be seriously missing out. Starting out with a plan is always a good idea. When it comes to social media, it's no different. These networks have become very user friendly, and taking the time to establish a strategy will be worth it. Here is an outline of steps to take while developing your plan:

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These Suggestions Will Have Your Customers Coming Back For More Jan 28, 2019 »

Your customers want to feel valued. They want to feel like their business matters to you. Gaining their trust and continuing a profitable, long-term relationship is essential, so consider these suggestions on how to do it.

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How To Successfully Market Your Small Business Jan 18, 2019 »

Your marketing goal is to maximize your outcomes and minimize your efforts. As a small business with a small budget, that can be difficult. Check out these tips that make strengthening your marketing plan a whole lot easier.

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3 Ways To Grow Sales In Your eCommerce Business Jan 11, 2019 »

It doesn't have to be hard to grow sales in the world of eCommerce. Trying new things and getting creative is a great way to do it. Check out these tips that make it easy to increase revenue in your business.

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The 5 Best Tools For Email Marketing Jan 26, 2018 »

Email marketing can be a tough nut to crack. If you don't send enough emails to your customers, you'll miss out on reaching a prime group of your customer base, and they'll forget about you. Send too many emails, and you risk being marked as spam and completely missing your audience there as well.

So what do you do when you want to start sending more emails to your customers, but don't currently have the tools to gather leads, create your emails, and schedule them to be sent?

One solution is to…

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Promote Your Business To Florists Through My Favorite Vendors Dec 29, 2017 »

Do you work with florists that sell your products to customers in their flower shops? Are you looking for a way to help them remember your business when it comes time to restock their inventory of gifts and supplies?

Thanks to, Flower Shop Network's portal for helping member florists manage their website, product inventory and more, florists will have no problem buying from you over and over again!

It's all thanks to FSNf2f's My Favorite Vendors tool. This handy tool allows florists…

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Increase Your Google Ranking With Just A Few Easy Steps Sep 21, 2017 »

Are you feeling like your ranking on Google could be improved? Do you feel like you're not getting all you can out of your website?

Chances are, you're not doing as much as you should be doing to ensure that people can find your website when they search online.

If you're looking for simple tips to improve your rankings, or maybe a quick refresher, we've got some great advice for you today.

Use Keywords That People Are Searching

Are you using trending keywords on your website that people are…

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Get More Wholesale Customers With These Easy Tips Aug 25, 2017 »

As a wholesaler, you're always looking to work with more retailers to get your wonderful products into their stores, and in turn, into the hands of happy consumers.

Whether you've been in the wholesale game for years, or your brand new to the experience, we've got five great tips that can help you revitalize your wholesale strategy, and get more wholesale sales.

Customer Service

Treating your customers right is crucial to gaining their trust and their business. When you're a wholesaler, your…

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The Best Places To Share Your Content Online May 16, 2017 »

So, let's say you're a master at creating engaging and informative content that other businesses love to read. You have a few dedicated viewers who read your blog every time there's a new post. Then, you have the people who occasionally check out what you have to say, but it's not as scheduled. But what about those other people who may not know who you are, or know that you have a great blog? How do you reach them?

Thankfully, there are plenty of online services where you can share your…

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How To Know Your Target Audience Apr 18, 2017 »

As a wholesale vendor, do you know who your target audience is? When we talk about target audiences, we're talking about the people that are most likely to buy your products or services, and the ones that will be the easiest and most reliable to market your products to.

Your target audience can be anyone from international buyers who are looking for awesome Made In America products, or people in your community, who would rather buy from a local business that they know and trust.

Knowing your…

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The Buying Cycle: What It Is and How It Can Help Mar 14, 2017 »

The buying cycle is a step-by-step journey your customer will make before they finally buy your product. Your job as a company is to deliver the right information, at the right place, and at the right time, to make the process easier for customers. One excellent and effective way to do so is through your website.

The buying cycle is made of 5 steps:

Awareness - In the first step, possible customers become aware of an unfulfilled need.

Research - Your audience's attention is captured. They…

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Get More Wholesale Sales With These 4 Tips Dec 13, 2016 »

If you're a wholesale vendor, you know how important it is to make a good deal with a buyer. Your business relies on establishing a longtime relationship with a buyer who loves your products enough to sell to their own customers in their store.

You might be an industry veteran, or you might be someone who's just starting out in the wholesale industry. Either way, you might be struggling to get your products into the hands of hungry buyers.

If you're looking for some direction in the wholesale…

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6 Key Tips For Improving Your Customer Service Oct 18, 2016 »

Customer service is important. You know it, your employees know it, and your customers definitely know it. Many of the purchasing decisions made by consumers are based on a myriad of different factors, but one that comes up more often than all the others is a desire to be treated respectfully by employees.

Good customer service may seem hard to come by in this day and age. In a time where most purchases can happen online without ever having to interact with another human, people seem to be…

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B2B Marketing: Why It Matters For Your Business Sep 13, 2016 »

Do you know what B2B Marketing is, and how it affects your business? As a wholesaler, you probably already know that B2B stands for business-to-business. Instead of marketing your products to consumers, you're marketing your products to other businesses. As a wholesaler, that means marketing your products to retailers who want to sell your products on their shelves.

Wholesalers should make sure they're doing B2B marketing right, and presenting products in the best way to potential retail…

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How To Gather Reviews For Your Business Aug 16, 2016 »

Reviews can be one of the most vital tools for getting more business, and more repeat business, from customers. In fact, according to a 2013 study by BrightLocal, 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It's not wonder that many businesses are hungry for lots of positive reviews!

Your reviews, whether positive or negative, reveal a lot about your business. It tells consumers so much about you that most people, 85 percent according to BrightLocal, read…

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6 Steps For Doing An Online Contest Jun 15, 2016 »

Online contests are an integral part of how most businesses uses their social media accounts. On places like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can't scroll for 5 minutes without seeing a business you follow posting a "like and share!" or "Retweet this post!" contest.

One thing you'll notice about these posts is that, above all others, these are the posts that get shared the most. Not that story about your new shower head you're trying to sell, or pics of the last tradeshow you attended.…

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Is My Website Outdated? 4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Site Apr 13, 2016 »

Technology changes very rapidly these days. That brand new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy you own right now? Just wait for a year or two and a better, faster, more advanced version will have already come out, and you'll be looking at your already amazing piece of smartphone tech like it's a sack of dirty gym socks.

So, shouldn't it stand to reason that with new technology being developed at alarming rates, one of the oldest and most useful tech developments-- the website -- should keep up with…

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6 Entrepreneurs Who Started Out With Nothing Mar 16, 2016 »

Successful entrepreneurs usually don't start with riches and fame (well, that is, unless you're Donald Trump). Most had to work hard to get where they ended up, overcoming obstacles as daunting as poverty, education, resources, and more.

If you ever feel like quitting, and don't think your dreams could ever become a reality, just remember these 7 famous entrepreneurs and the steps they had to take to achieve their dreams!

Henry Ford

Ford grew up as a farmer's son, a profession that is generally…

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