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The Value Of Video Content Marketing

The Value Of Video Content Marketing

Including video content has become a popular marketing strategy and for good reason. Traffic from videos are showing an increase every year and has proved to be very effective. Not sure if video marketing is a good way to promote your business? We have some benefits below that this content brings when used in your marketing efforts.

Conversion Rate - The main reason to use video content is because this content converts. According to research, 71% of marketers have reported that their video conversion rates are higher than other content marketing efforts. Video content has also shown to lead directly to sales. 74% of users who watched a video explaining a product or service bought the item, research shows.

Eye-Catching - Video is more likely to catch a consumers eye than any other kind of content. Marketing content is highly competitive and consumers are constantly bombarded with large amounts of content to look at and read. You want your content to be more alluring than your competitors, and including video could push you over the edge to earning more exposure. According to research, 65% of video viewers watch more that three-quarters of a video, which is a much higher percentage than text-based content.

Clear Product/Service Demonstrations - Consumers are four times more likely to watch a video about a product or service than to read about it. When you are promoting a product or service or debuting a new item, creating a video to demonstrate how it works can be very effective. 98% of users have reported that they have watched a video about how to use a product or service. This is why businesses include a product/service explainer video on their website.

Better SEO - Did you know that you are 53 times more likely to rank first in a Google search if you have a video embedded on your website? Now that Google owns YouTube, that gives you an even higher chance for video content to positively affect your search engine ranking. It's important to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO, which means making sure your titles and descriptions are accurate, you include a link to your website, and clearly educate your audience know what the products or services are that you are promoting or what the video is about. When you have better SEO, there is a higher possibility of more consumers visiting your website. The longer consumers spend on your website, the more likely Google is to trust you are providing quality content and therefore will drive even more traffic to your site.

Builds Trust - The mission of marketing is to build trust with consumers because trust is the foundation of quality marketing campaigns. Video content is a great way to gain consumers trust and make lasting connections that other forms of content cannot do. Video can be very powerful and give you the opporunity to use your tone of voice and display your company mission effectively with visuals and animated content, unlike anything else. Your audience is more likely to rememeber an impactful video than other forms of content.

Video content marketing is not going anywhere and has proved to be quite effective in gaining consumers' attention and direct sales. The next time you discuss your marketing strategy, be sure to include this great marketing tool and get started on your own videos!

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