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Why Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing?

There is a reason email marketing is still being used today—because it works. While this form of marketing started many years ago, it's still just as relevant and successful as ever. Emailing consumers can turn potential customers into paying customers and one-time buyers into consistent supporters. Many people remain unconvinced that this is still an effective marketing strategy, but we have proof for the skeptics out there.

While there are many reasons you should be implementing email marketing into your business plan, here are our top reasons why it should be your number one strategy:

Email marketing is the top form of communication - Yes, you read that right—email is #1. In fact, 99% of consumers check their email every day. No other communication channel lives up to that statistic.

Email converts - Consumers who make purchases through email reportedly spend 138% more than consumers who don’t get email offers. Not only that, but email marketing has a return-on-investment of 4,400%. That’s much more impressive than social media conversions. In fact, consumers spend three times more money through email than they do through social media.

Email marketing is not going anywhere and continues to remain wildly successful. Marketing through email is the best way to get digital sales and has proven to be an effective way to nurture leads and generate sales. Start implementing emails into your marketing strategy today!

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