80% of people on the internet purchase online

With our Ecommerce solution, you’ll get exceptional product management and promotional tools to grow your business.

We get your online store up & running with minimal effort on your part.

Don’t worry about the details; we’ll get it done for you. Ecommerce is a convenient way to broaden your brand and influence your customers’ purchasing decisions!

Product Management

Multi-Image Upload

Upload multiple images per product to show off every angle, and entice customers to purchase from you.

Product Information Attributes

Upload your products with the name, SKU, weight, description, brand, size, color, *dimensions, UPC, and more.

Categories and *Subcategories

Place your products into precise categories and organize your inventory in a way that makes sense to your customers.

*Bulk Pricing Options

Give customers wholesale options for buying your amazing products.

Price Modifiers

Automatically increase or decrease the price of your product when a customer selects a different size or color.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory online, and create a running catalog of all of your products in one organized place.

Feature Related Products

Show off other products that the customer might be interested in buying right below the product they’re currently viewing.

*Invoicing Options

Send out customized invoices to your customers and let them know when a payment is due.

Digital Goods

Upload e-products to your store that customers can buy and download at their own convenience, such as digital books, white papers, music, photography, and more.

*only available with Professional and Unlimited Packages


Customer Email Notifications

Your customers will receive an email notification for: order confirmations, order status changes, shipping confirmations and order pick up. They also receive an email when they register for an account or need a password reminder!

Admin Notifications

You will receive email notifications any time a new order is placed on your website and when your stock is running low, so you'll always be connected even when you're not logged into your website.

Social Tools

Facebook Store

Let customers shop right from your Facebook page!

Social Share Buttons

Customers can share an item on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.

*Share a Purchase

Customers can show off their recent purchases on their Facebook page.

Facebook Like and Comment Buttons

Allow your customers to like and comment on an item from your store.

*only available with Professional and Unlimited Packages

Shipping & Taxes

Automatic Shipping Calculations

Have the ability to set up your own shipping rate.

Calculate Shipping by Weight & *Dimension

Have the ability to set up shipping rate based on weight and dimension.

4 Shipping Rate Options

Choose from Global Rates, Free Shipping, Fixed Rate by Item, and Global Fixed Combo.

Automated Tax Calculation Option

Automatic tax calculation based on the store and customer’s location.

Manual Tax Calculation Option

Setup tax calculations for different regions of the country.

Manage Tax Exempt Customers

Have the option of marking certain customers tax exempt.

*only available with Professional and Unlimited Packages

Additional Features

Mobile POS*

Take your POS with you anywhere you go on your smartphone, tablet or other wireless device.

Mobile Responsive Shopping Cart

Give your customers the option to shop straight from their mobile device.

Abandoned Cart Saver

This gives your customers the ability to come back to their shopping cart where they last left it.

Advanced SEO tools

This allows search engines to find your website better.

Wholesale Pricing Groups*

Have the ability to setup separate pricing for wholesale customers.

Create Orders*

Have the ability to setup orders manually.

Ask the Expert*

Customers will have the ability to ask your expert advice on products.

*only available with Professional and Unlimited Packages

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